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Adonis Golden Ratio review:

How An Average Joe Hacked His DNA And Built A Body That Women Are Evolutionarily Wired To Be Attracted To (in just 12 weeks)

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Posted: Monday, January 23rd, 2017

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. Young, old, skinny or overweight, this strategy will work for you just as it worked for me.

Hey! I’m Darren.

I used to be skinny. REALLY skinny. I was always the small guy in my group of friends.

All through high school, I put up with bullies and other people who liked to tease me about being small. I had trouble making friends and let’s not talk about girls… girls were non-existent in my life, terrified of dating a guy that might break like a twig.

I used to hate the teasing… the name calling… but these days, I’m totally thankful for it. You see, the teasing in high school literally changed my life, which I’ll tell you more about in a moment.

When I began studying at college, I started working out. That’s what skinny guys do when they want to get bigger, right?

Except there was one problem…

I didn’t get bigger!

Oh sure, I put a teensy-weensy bit of muscle on my arms. But I wanted to be BIG, so it just didn’t cut it.

Despite my lack of results, I continued training, expecting that one day, muscles would appear and I’d finally be “big” and “attractive”.

But like most guys, nothing happened. I made progress here and there, but I never achieved the results I wanted. I still considered myself skinny and I still struggled with girls.

After Training For Years, I Wasn’t Where I Wanted To Be

One day when I was training at the gym, I found myself chatting with a bodybuilder named Dave.

Dave told me I was training all wrong if I wanted to be ripped.

Did you know that heavy deadlifts and weighted ab crunches make it HARDER to create the ideal male body rather than easier?

Heavy deadlifts and crunches expand your waist, take you out of proportion, increase your risk of injury and ultimately make you look worse and less attractive.

Heavy deadlifts and crunches expand your waist, take you out of proportion, increase your risk of injury and ultimately make you look worse and less attractive.

Dave went on to say that I didn’t need to be big, especially if my goal was more self-confidence, respect, and of course, more success with women.

Apparently, studies have proven that most females are attracted to a very specific body-type, and it’s NOT what us guys think.

What Is The Perfect Male Form, That Studies Prove Women Are Involuntarily Attracted To And Other Males Cannot Help But Respect, Admire And Even Fear?

Take a guess.

I bet you’ll overestimate by almost 30 lbs.

In other words, the ideal male body according to guys is 30 lbs heavier than the ideal male body according to girls.

This means that most guys are aiming for the wrong target! They’re busy trying to look like a juiced-up bodybuilder, when what women really want is something entirely different.

Turns out, most women don’t related to juiced-up monsters or even find that attractive.

Instead, women opt for a body that we all would recognize.

Ever seen Michelangelo’s sculpture of David? Or any of Greek Mythology’s chiselled gods like Adonis? Or how about male Hollywood celebrities?

This form is what women want and ALL guys have the potential for it.

Experts Call This The “Adonis Golden Ratio”

The Adonis Golden Ratio is the proportion that we all possess to have the ideal male physique.

The ideal male physique is what study after study proves women are genetically and evolutionarily hard-wired to seek out and be attracted to, and men respect because it displays the highest degree of genetic fitness.

Interesting, right?

Well, it gets better…

When you have the adonis golden ratio, it creates something called the adonis effect, a powerful subconscious effect that changes how your physical presence affects others.

It is the ULTIMATE first impression.

Here are a few things you might wanna know…

  • The further you are from the adonis golden ratio, the more difficult it is to lose fat and build lean muscle (because you’re not in the form evolution intended you to be in)
  • If a woman cheats, studies prove that she’ll cheat with a man whose body is closer to the adonis golden ratio than her partner.
  • If a woman has a partner who has the adonis golden ratio, she’s highly unlikely to stray because she’s subconsciously programmed to know she has the strongest male

When I Understood The Adonis Golden Ratio, Everything Changed


A guy named John Barban is the scientist who discovered the adonis golden ratio.

John is considered by many as the world’s leading consultant in supplements. Chances are, if you’ve taken any supplement in the last 10 years by any of the biggest companies, you’ve seen his work.

He’s a world class expert in nutrition, physiology and biology, and taught human performance at the University of Florida.

Like me, John was dealt a crappy genetic hand except he had the opposite problem – instead of being too small, John had a “pear shaped body”.

For a long time, John hated his body. But one day, overcome with disgust after seeing his reflection in a locker room mirror, John decided he’d had enough.

From that moment forward, he applied his scientific mind to cracking the code for guys.

His Research Led Him To The Discovery Of The Adonis Golden Ratio

Since John discovered the ratio, he’s become a bit of a celebrity and helped tens of thousands of guys to change their bodies and their lives.


After changing his own body by using what he had learned from his research, he realized that the adonis golden ratio might help other guys. That’s when he decided to create the Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program


John begins by helping you to calculate your adonis index. Your adonis index will be used to determine very aspect of your custom 12 week Adonis Golden Ratio program.

Most guys train with generic programs and that’s why never get ripped. Popular programs aren’t customized to one’s muscle-building and fat loss needs. They are wildly ineffective, despite what muscle magazines tell you.

John’s Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program solves this problem by customizing your training program to your adonis index. This ensures that your training and nutrition program will work for your specific body.

Different bodies need different programs.

While you could use a pen and paper to calculate your Adonis Index, John makes it a piece of cake with his Adonis Index Calculator:


What Exactly Is Included?

When you sign up, you’ll get access to:

Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program

training1_book-192x300¬†First, you’ll calculate your adonis index. John’s special software will select a program for you based on your personal needs.

In the program guide, you’ll discover:

  • A weird but powerful trick that triggers your body to produce more growth hormone (creating rapid muscle growth and dramatic fat loss)
  • Which specific exercises to NEVER do
  • 78 advanced exercise instructional video lessons

Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program


The Golden Ratio Nutritional Software customizes your nutrition to your Adonis Index and does everything for you so you’re eating exactly what you need and when.

Your entire diet will be customized to your adonis index, causing rapid growth and fat loss.

Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation

John is THE expert when it comes to supplements. When the biggest supplement brands in the world need new formulas, they call John.


Which is interesting… considering that supplements are NOT necessary or required with this program. This really speaks for John’s integrity. Despite being a supplement guy, he’s not interested in selling you supplements.

He does, however, make a few recommendations on the few supplements that actually help (and explains how they can be used to accelerate your results).

Bonus 1: The Adonis Abs and Arms Assault

This is a 4 week program that teaches you advanced muscle-building techniques that ignite inches of lean muscle growth to your arms which carving out razor sharp abs.

Bonus 2: Adonis Unlimited Upgrades

John’s a scientist and he’s constantly upgrading his formulas and theories. With unlimited upgrades, you’ll be the first to hear (and get access to) any of John’s breakthroughs, free of charge.

Bonus 3: 7 Days Out (from Kyle Leon)

This bonus is from best-selling author and world-renowned fitness expert Kyle Leon.

7 Days Out shows you how to look 10-20 pounds more muscular AND 10-20 pounds leaner inside of a week.

Here’s What Other People Think

Before and After
“My Wife Got in Shape, so I Had to Do the Same to Keep Up with Her”

Before and After
“Sometimes more can be achieved with less, if you know what you are doing…
The workout structure is the key”

Before and After
“The Adonis Index approach makes sense and it’s probably what you have been looking for”

Before and After
“I Made a Decision to Get to the Best Shape of My Life and Look like a Magazine Cover Model at the Age of 40″

Before and After
“You Can Stay Lean and Still Be Building Muscle.”

Before and After
“I tried a lot of things to get over depressions and get in shape and nothing ever worked. But after doing this program I no longer have the problem”

Before and After
“I Thought I had to Gain 20 Pounds to Get in Shape, It Never Occurred to Me that I Need to Do the Opposite “

Before and After
“Six Months Were Enough to Get to the Best Shape of My Life”

Get The Perfect Male Body Or The Program Is Free

Let me put it simply… either you get the perfect male body or the program is free.

Buy the program. Use it and test it out. If it doesn’t accelerate your muscle growth and give you the perfect male body… if it doesn’t make you irresistible to women… if it doesn’t give you the confidence of Achilles… Simply contact John within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

It Won’t Be Available For Long

A large TV network is interested in the rights to John’s breakthrough discovery on a reality show. Audiences will love seeing the dramatic transformations that come about when someone trains according to Adonis Golden Ratio principles.

But they’re asking for exclusivity, which means that if John agrees to let them use his tricks, the Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program will no longer be available.

Unless you want to miss out on John’s breakthrough program, get in now while you still can.

What Are You Waiting For? Get The Adonis Golden Ratio 12-Week Training Program And Start Building A Body That Women Are Unconsciously Attracted To

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Remember – it’s based on extensive scientific research into male DNA. This program is backed by science and breakthrough research, unlike most popular weight-lifting programs.

It won’t just get you ripped… it’ll give you the perfect male body… a body that women are hard-wired by evolution to be attracted to and men are hard-wired to respect and even fear.

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